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Do to the overwhelming response to a recent post on Bed Bath & Beyond, and their 1 item 20% Off offer to shoppers who sign up for emails (see link to this article below); the Best of the Better has decided to give a few more tips on saving on online shopping.


Sign Up for Emails From Your Favorite Retailers

By signing up for email alerts from online retailers you will be kept up to date on limited-time only sales (Lasting a few hours or a day or two). You will also receive coupons and promotional codes to help reduce cost; or be alerted to private sales online and in-store. Some people find it as much a nuisance to get daily email offers as it is to get junk mail. However, creating a new email address just for these email alerts will allow you to look at the many offers at your leisure.


Get Shipping At A Discount Or No Cost

A stigma to online shopping for many consumers is the cost of getting the merchandise to their front door. Many websites offer FREE or discounted shipping with a minimum purchase. There is also a site called http://www.freeshipping.org that offers coupon codes that will get you out of the dilemma of “to buy or not to buy”.


You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

With a “live chat” feature on many retail websites, you can actually speak to someone before or during the ordering process. By simply asking for additional promotional or discount codes you may end up saving additional money before checkout.


Get A Rewards Credit Card

Many credit cards now offer cash rewards with every purchase. These incremental rewards can help reduce your overall purchases; as well as help you pay down your overall credit card balances.


Search For Coupon Code Discounts Online

You know you want to purchase something online, but need a better price to make you put it in your online shopping cart? By Googling the retailer and coupon code you may be able to get a coupon code that will leave more money in your pocket at checkout



Retail Tips: Smart Shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond with 20% Off Savings