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Most sneaker lovers are not aware that both iconic footwear giants Nike & Converse allow online users to customize some of their most iconic brands; online by style, color & additional options. PLUS, Converse is currently having a summer with 25% OFF for all online purchases (See promo code below). The best, and most surprising part, is that they cost the same or slightly higher than the same non-customized shoes cost in your local retailer.

With both companies, you get to customize the following color/materials featured on each pair (The customization also include knapsacks by Nike):

  • Base/Sole
  • Logo
  • Interior Lining
  • Laces
  • Tongue of shoe
  • Leather, cloth or mesh uppers
  • Shoes string eyelet color/materials
  • Personally initialize each pair (With numerous font styles)

BOTB decided to try these customized services, and we weren’t disappointed! It looks like both Nike ID & Converse use the same or similar easy to use software online to create your sneakers. After ordering the first pair on the Nike site ordering on Converse was similar; and, equally as user-friendly.


(Pictured above) Nike Free 5.0 mesh & cloth uppers; running shoe


(Pictured above) Converse classic Chuck Taylor’s Hi-Top with leather uppers & customized initials


(Pictured above)  Converse classic Chuck Taylor’s Low-Top with leather uppers & customized initials

Both sites give you the chance to switch out colors and material options easily. Both sites also allow you to save your designs in your own personal account file until you decide to make your purchase.

Although both websites stated that I would receive my orders approx. 1 month after my online purchase; I was surprised to receive all 3 pairs within 2 weeks (Perfectly customized as specified). If you’re looking for customized and unique shoe that will turn heads both of these brands will deliver that for you; and, your family!

25% OFF on all Converse brand purchases online, will end before midnight on August 16, 2015 with the promo code: SUMMER25